Meter Reading Instructions

All water meters installed within the District were tested for accuracy prior to installation as per American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.

Section E, 20(a) The Customer shall provide access to the meter as per the easement and service agreement.  If access to the meter is hindered or denied preventing the reading of the meter, an estimated bill shall be rendered to the Customer for the month; a notice shall be sent to the effect that access could not be gained.  If access is denied for three (3) consecutive months after proper notification to the Customer, then service may be discontinued and the meter removed with no further notice.

If a customer notices an 'E' next to the current reading on the bill then the bill was estimated.  If the bill was estimated please contact the office with the current reading on the water meter (instructions below on how to read the meter).  You can either call the district's office at (817)220-7707 option 5 or email a picture of the meter reading to

Flow Rate Specs for all residential meters can be viewed under Related Documents on the Leak Detection section of the website.