Call Before You Dig


Call (800) 344 - 8377 or visit Texas 811 website before you dig.  

What happens if I dig without requesting locates?

If you do not contact 811 before digging, it is quite possible that you will dig into a buried underground utility and potentially create a life-threatening situation, you can be billed for damages, or even cause an outage to an essential utility service.  Even if you have used the service before and you think you know where the underground utilities are, you need to contact 811 before every digging project to protect yourself.

Remeber, it is a free service!  Not contacting could cost you thousands in damages.

Flag colors/ markings and their meanings:

  • Blue - Water
  • Green - Waste Water
  • Purple - Reclaimed Water
  • Yellow - Gas
  • Orange - Telecommunications
    • Two parallel lines with a diamond in the middle - Fiber optic
  • Red - Electric

White - proposed worksite

Pink -  temporary survey markings

Below is the 811 mapping of the District's water lines.  (This is for reference only)

811 mapping