A word from the manager

April 30, 2024

 Hello customers. 

    I hope everyone is doing well. A recent socail media post has been brought to my attention. This post made it sound as if I spoke demeaningly or disparagingly about the districts meter readers. I assure you that this is not true or at least was not meant in any way to sound  that way. Meter readers were talked about in the meeting and it was discussed that they would not have much information about the districts plans to deal with drought conditions. The laughing talked about was simply when a remark was made to the effect of "well it's such a lucrative job" and I gave a sarcastic chuckle as did several board members. The District's meter readers know that their job is very important and essential to the operations of the District. They are aware that the District could not function without them and our meter readers are encouraged to take water classes and get water licenses. These are paid for by the District. Is meter reading thankless? Sometimes it can seem that way. It is one of those jobs where a worker does the same thing day in and day out. However our meter readers also do meter change outs, program our new meters to be compatible with the MIU sending units which allow meter reads to be sent in electronically, help flush dead end lines, help with locating lines and many other jobs within the District. I personally have a very good relationship with and deep respect for Walnut Creek's meter readers and any other meter readers for that matter as that is the job I started out with in the water industry back in 1997. So, once again I assure you and have assured the Districts meter readers that nothing that was said was meant to be demeaning toward them or the job they do. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

James Blackwood

General Manager Walnut Creek SUD.

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